Textielproductie DECCO in Tunesië

Sustainable and Flexible Textile production for B2B

Are you looking for a reliable partner with extensive textile production experience?

At DECCO, you've come to the right place.

We're a group of three businesses that have been in the textile industry for generations. With our three entities, Adventureland, DECCO and BCF Confection, we offer a wide range of services for every textile project, including product development, manufacture and sourcing of fabrics.



You need safety workwear to protect your employees? Medical scrubs for your male and female nurses and doctors? Or soft and comfortable baby textiles? Over 30 years of expercience makes us a reliable partner in all aspects of high quality textile production.


Workwear for industry and healthcare.
You can count on DECCO for:

* industrial workwear
   for construction, food and automotive
* healthcare uniforms

Consumer Textiles

Consumer textiles for retail.
Baby textiles, lingerie, nightwear, sportswear or accessories.

DECCO creates any textile product for you.

What textile product are you looking for?
Let's bring your project to life together.


Our commercial department, Adventureland, is established in Belgium and offers supporting services. We ensure a flexible processing of your orders and ensure your products are delivered on time and in perfect condition.


Bring your Textile Project to Life

Do you have certain requirements in terms of fabrics
Do you have any questions about the development of patterns
Are you not sure how to draw up the technical documentation for the production department? 

Our development department helps you develop your textile product from the onset.

Textile Production

for various Sectors and Runs

A small run for a specific occasion or a bigger production for your company? 

We offer flexible production runs for cutting, assembly and finishing.

Logistics and Customs

Reliable Support

Thanks to our knowledge of international trade and customs regulations, we're able to provide support in the entire logistics process: 
from arranging transport to managing customs documents.

Do you want some help developing your textile project?
We support you every step of the way.



We put a premium on safety, quality, environmental awareness and good working conditions at all sites of the family business.

Our production facilities in Tunisia are ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certified. DECCO meets Fairwear standards and BCF Confection is GOTS certified.


Who are We?

The history of our family business goes back to 1954 when our founder, Germaine De Dier, started the company on a small farm near Aalst in Belgium. Currently, the fourth generation is at the helm of the business. 70 years of experience has given us valuable knowledge and expertise that we use to be a reliable partner in all aspects of textile production.


Talk to Us about Your Textile Product

Contact us today and find out what we can offer you. Together we bring your ideas to life. We look forward to working with you and turning your concept into reality.